Thursday, July 24, 2014

Love Batik

I'm just post my clothes with batik. Batik so comfortable at all times. 
wearing batik. Proud to be Indonesian.

bag : CHARLES & KEITH // inner top : COLOR BOX // shoes : XML 


Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer with Cheesecake Blueberry

On 17 June 2014, me & my family went to Bandung for a couple day, we have been prepared for a long time before. And now i want to share my ootd in Bandung. We didn't go to mall cause in Jakarta has many mall and it used to be the same as Bandung's mall so we went to tourism place. I;m so happy because the weather in Bandung is so fresh and cool. And the view is so beautiful. I wore a creamy top and short pants because it match with the weather. Stay tuned :)

summer hat : vnc // wedges : BE-BOB // short pants : BAIMON // inner top : COLORBOX // flop sandals :birkenstock // black bag : Les Catino // watches : chibiland  


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My expression my style

Today, i play with my style, and i just show my fashion. 
This is my expression haha. Ignore my messy hair.  
My fashion too simple but today i prefer with this style. 

( v e r a n i c a  ( v e ) )

 ( coat : Triset clothes )

( high waist short pants : THE DUDE freedom style )

( white shirt : OSMOSE )